Reader's and Writer's Workshop Conference

August 2019 at the International School of Curitiba, Brazil.

Growing international school literacy through the Readers and Writers Workshop


How do you sustain and grow ambitious literacy work with a transitory staff?  Even more complex, how do you do this in a bilingual setting?


Join us for a literacy leadership conference tailored for international-school-specific needs. Learn what’s working around the world,  understand the literacy trends impacting global practice, and begin the year with powerful plans for literacy instruction.


Conference Features

1 – Developing a common framework K-10

2 – Complementing our English balanced literacy work in our host country language classes

3 – Customizing an approach to workshop that ‘fits’ your culture

4 – Developing systems for sustainability in transitory teaching populations

5 – Using workshop in the PP-10 to build foundations to support  the Diploma Years Program

6 – Explore the philosophy of reading and writing workshop

7 – Learn how reading and writing workshop fit in a suite of balanced literacy

8 – See demonstrations of lessons in classrooms with real students

9 – Learn how to support ELL students throughout the workshop

10 – Explore elements of good feedback; tailoring instruction for small groups and individuals

11 – Learn tips for scheduled balanced literacy in your day – TIME!

Meet the Experts

from Erin Kent Consulting

Conference Photos

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ISC is a center of excellence on Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, supported by the US State Department and AASSA Institute.


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