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Organization – PTO

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Every family at ISC belongs to the Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO Council is a dedicated network of parents who care and want to support the high-quality education for all children at ISC, including yours.


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PTO’s mission is to promote and support INTERNATIONALISM, COMMUNITY & FUN.

Meet the PTO Council

Barbara Nabais


Patrícia Cavalcanti Marotta

Vice President

Sara Fernandez


Andresa M. F. Wilke


Maria Gabriela Carneiro

ECC Representative

Stella Castrillón Restrepo

Elementary School Representative

Christine M. da Costa

Middle School Representative

Luciana Gonçalves

High School Representative

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The PTO Council will operate as the umbrella organization, overseeing a number of PTO Action Groups to ensure management and organization of certain interest groups. Each group will submit a short report to the PTO Council following the completion of their group’s activities each semester.

International Culture

Supports the International Culture of the school, by planning and organizing events such as Book Fair, International Fair (as part of Intl week/month), Halloween, Festa Junina, and other). Also ensures recognition of certain special days to uphold Brazilian Culture and International awareness eg: Children’s Day.

Buddy Families

Works with and supports the Admissions office with new families joining ISC, promoting the school, and helping International and Local new families become familiar with ISC and our school culture. Invites new families to get involved with the school, volunteering, and attending school and PTO events. Help new families, where and when needed.

Food Advisory

Provides feedback to the HOS and Food Services at the school, and promotes and supports healthy eating and learning amongst the ISC Community.

Wildcats Fan Club (previously Booster Club)

Supports the promotion of sports and athletics at the school. Assist with planning and logistics for ISC held SAAC Tournaments, Sports Festival, Friendship Tournaments, the Athletic Banquet event, as well as promote Parent/Teacher/Alumni game nights through the Wildcat Wellness Program and other sporting activities.


Supports the larger ISC’s Campus Steering Group to bring and give feedback regarding Campus development.