Get to know our school

The ISC campus is located in a beautiful pastoral setting on the northern edge of Curitiba, in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood. In addition to all the classrooms, science, media and life skills labs, our campus includes two libraries, two restaurants, three Multipurpose Rooms, The Wildcat Arena, one outdoor education center with two outdoor classrooms, a bosque and one official size soccer field.


In order to foster children’s natural curiosity and support the educational process, our Early Childhood Center (ECC) offers a variety of features such as classrooms with learning centers, an outdoor covered area and playground with rubberized floor, a Multipurpose Room specially equipped for presentations, a garden and abundant green space to ensure a dynamic, safe and fun learning environment.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (1st to 5th Grade)

The Elementary School is focused on the development of each student’s core academic skills including reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics. In addition, activities such as drama and music presentations develop interpersonal skills, creativity and enduring understanding. The school offers a balanced mix of in-class and outdoor activities developing life-long learners and effective communicators, preparing students for the challenges of secondary school.

MIDDLE SCHOOL (6th to 8th Grade)

During the middle school years, students develop skills that are fundamental for success in the high school IB diploma program, their university life and future careers. NJHS, Advisory, Junior Student Council, Mini MUN and Classroom Without Walls are some of the activities that encourage students to be become independent learners, respectful and responsible, and to strive for collaboration and team work.

HIGH SCHOOL (9th to 12th Grade)

The objective of the high school program is to expand our students’ eagerness to learn and to take responsibility over their own education. With the guidance of experienced international teachers, they lead social and environmental projects, participate in MUN and GIN International conferences, become more culturally and globally aware and are accepted in the best universities around the world. The demanding IB program during the last two years of high school is definitely a highlight of our program.


 We encourage all students to have a healthy and active life through participation in sports beginning in the early years. The highlight of our sports program is the Middle School Friendship Tournament including international schools from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and the South American Activities Conference (SAAC) tournaments, with competing high school athletes from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

Our mascot is the Wildcat, and our colors are navy blue, yellow and white.


Every year students join in curricular and after-school performing arts activities such as drama, art and band. These activities develop students’ public speaking abilities, responsibility, empathy, creativity and more.


The engagement of the entire community is fundamental to the success of our mission. The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), the Wildcat Fan Club and all parent volunteers play a major role in organizing great events such as International Fair, Community Day, Halloween Celebration and much more. All parents are encouraged and welcome to join these two associations.