The Middle School educational program is based on interdisciplinary collaboration, in which different teachers work together on the same topic. This integration aims to stimulate sustainable and independent learning, critical thinking, decision making and ethical discussions that prepare students for High School.


The Middle School curriculum is divided into six areas: Language and Literature (English and Portuguese), Science, Humanities, Brazilian Studies, Mathematics and Computer Science. Also part of the curriculum are Physical Education, Electives, Advisory (Socio-Environmental Service), and Leadership (Student Clubs and Councils). Portuguese Language, Brazilian History and Brazilian Geography classes are taught in Portuguese and meet the number of hours required by MEC. All other subjects are taught in English. In addition to the regular curriculum, students may choose to participate in After-School activities.


Our curriculum includes elective courses in which students may personalize their learning focusing on their areas of interest. Thus, they may explore different strands of knowledge, allowing them to build a curriculum based on the path they want to follow in their future careers. The courses are taught on a quarterly rotation or yearlong duration, offering a variety of activities that go beyond academic subjects, from arts and technology to political and environmental concerns.


The Middle School Advisory is a program of social and environmental projects that aims to enhance our educational curriculum and develop the student’s sense of responsibility and respect for the community as a whole. The Wildcat 360 program is part of the Advisory program.

Language Support – EAL/PAL

Our Second Language support program is divided between EAL (English as an Additional Language) and PAL (Portuguese as an Additional Language). EAL aims to adapt the student who has little or no knowledge of English, using academic content to develop cognitive skills in a second language.

The focus of the PAL program is to integrate international students into the Brazilian culture and society by teaching the Portuguese language and the traditions of the country.

Beyond the Classroom

Classroom Without Walls

CWW is a 2-4 overnight trips outside campus that provides students with learning opportunities outside the classroom, in order to promote knowledge in many areas through practical experiences.

ISC Academy

The ISC Academy activities enhance our student’s learning and development possibilities. Academic, Artistic and Sporting After-School activities include our annual Theatre production, Costume Design, Media Blast (Technology), Student Council, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball.