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*ISC Vision 

Your corporation can join us in the Tax Incentive program.

ISC Advancement has established a great partnership with a number of corporations in Curitiba. Through the approval by the Sports Ministry, the tax incentive program is able to raise large donations and impact not only our students but the community in general, since part of the program is to offer social counterparts.

We are very happy to count on corporations that believe and trust in our vision of educating the future of Brazil.


Contact us to let us know your intention to support the Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte project so we can start the donation process in conjunction with your company.

After declaring the intention to support the project, the company has to make the deposit until the last business day of the year, at the bank account opened and supervisioned by the Brazilian Ministry of Sports.

 The value donated can be up to 1% of the tax due for companies and up to 6% for individual people.

After the deposit is made, contact us with the school to receive a receipt of the donation. This receipt is used by the company to conclude the tax break.



So far we’ve raised:

of the R$ 434.434,52 goal


We aim to impact the education of our athletes and scholarship students by high level training and through participation in national and international tournaments.


To offer training, coaching, sports equipment and uniforms to our athletes and scholarship students at ISC, in addition to plane tickets for scholarship students to compete in the countries participating in the SAAC league: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

Who benefits from the project

  1. 19 scholarship students
  2. 120 students athletes
  3. 475 families from our school community because the SAAC events are a great opportunity for cultural exchange.


R$ 434.434,52

Project name: Temporada Internacional de Esportes Coletivos do ISC – ANO I

Tenderer: A Asssociação da Escola Internacional de Curitiba

SLIE: 1611066-84

Registration Number of Tenderer: 02PR137402014

Sports Competition Type: Educational

Bank account:
Banco do Brasil

Agência 3007-4
Conta Corrente 52402-6

Sports in the project: 
Basketball, Soccer and Voleyball

Target audience:
120 adolescents (from 10 to 18 years old)

Get in contact:

Fundraising period until December 31st, 2018*

*Companies must inform the school about their intention to participate as soon as possible.

Fundraising period until December 31st, 2018*

*Companies must inform the school about their intention to participate as soon as possible.


Be seen by our international community!

Wildcat Heroes

Platina R$50k +
1. Company Logo (large):

– Event banner
– Backdrop wall
– Flyers & Collateral
– Tournament uniforms

2. Mention on Press release

3. Institutional banner on the tournament webpage

4. Recognition in the:

– ISC Report
– ISC Website

5. Invitation to the tournament.

6. 4 invitations (2 couples) for recognition dinner.

Wildcat Ambassadors

Gold R$10-50k
1. Company Logo (medium):

– Event banner
– Backdrop wall
– Flyers & Collateral
– Tournament uniforms

2. Recognition in the:

– ISC Report
– ISC Website

3. Invitation to the tournament.

4. 2 (1 couple) invitations for recognition dinner.

Wildcat Fans

Silver R$5-10k
1. Company Logo (small):

– Event banner
– Backdrop wall

2. Mention on the school’s blog

3. Invitation to the tournament,

Wildcat Supporters

Bronze R$1-5k
1. Recognition in the:

– ISC Report
– ISC Website

2. Invitation to the tournament.
“T he Lei de Incentivo program is a wonderful way for our school to work collaboratively with government and local corporations to support important projects that bring valuable sporting and social benefits. By donating our taxes to ISC through the Lei de Incentivo Sports Project, we can be very proud of our partnership, knowing it enables young athletes, including scholarship students, to train harder, with enhanced equipment, to play at more tournaments, including international ones such as SAAC, to reach their personal goals. Who knows what sports heroes of the future will have been former ISC Wildcats!

Alex Bellino – Travelers/Instituto Joel Malucelli

– ISC Parent & Board Vice – Treasurer


In 2015, ISC had a Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte project approved by the governament and was able to raise more than R$ 225.000. This money was invested in the organization of an international volleyball competition at ISC, providing our students with cultural exchange opportunities, in addition to the enhancement of the existing sport equipment and the acquisition of new sports learning resources.

With the participation of two companies and an anonymous donor, ISC’s first Lei de Incentivo Project was a huge success, impacting the lives of students, parents, teachers and staff.


This year, volleyball had a different feel to it: new arena, new team, new uniforms, new volleyballs, new nets. All with the purpose of enhancing our training skills, stretching our athletic opportunities, and ultimately building a strong, confident team. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to participate – and win – SAAC Volleyball 2016 & 2017; and none of it would’ve been possible without the uncountable investments thanks to the Lei de Incentivo. Helena Romanoski, scholarship student at ISC

Companies that supported ISC through Lei de Incentivo, since 2015: