Annual Fund 2018-2019

Support the Arts at ISC

Annual Fund

ISC Annual Fund seeks donations to pay for specific projects that positively impact students’ lives and educational opportunities in the year given. These projects are identified by our school community, recommended by our Leadership Team and endorsed by the School Board. Please contact the Advancement Office at or +55(41) 3525-7400 for more information on the project.
There are very few things in this life as important as our children’s education. We are delighted to give to ISC to help enable and empower the school to offer the best possible learning and growing environment for our kids. In fact, we do not see it so much as a gift, rather an imperative investment in the future of our children.
Alex Bellino

ISC Parent, Board Vice- treasurer & Donor

Imagine an ISC Theater & Performance Center

Creative schools utilize the power of embodying the Performing Arts, like Music and Drama in their educational programs as a venue for teaching skills for a world that is increasingly collaborative rather than hierarchical, where tolerance and empathy are key for problem solving, and creativity is at the core of every endeavor success.

By Supporting the Arts at ISC you’re providing your children with some of the fundamental building blocks they need for development.

We are seeking donations so we are able to build a 200 seat Theater & Performance Center, equipped with stage, lighting, sound and acoustics, providing an outstanding new learning environment at ISC.

Support the Arts at ISC!

Our Goal: R$ 500.000 

Raised so far:

(considering last year's ISC Night Event and donations already made this year).

10% of every donation to the Annual Fund goes to Student’s Service Learning Projects

At ISC Service Learning is an important part of education

Students are encouraged to develop communitary projects that develop character and citizenship. Service Learning supports many institutions, such as organizations for people in need and environmental issues, whilst creating social awareness in the community.  Students can submit projects to the 10% committee that approves and elects the projects that will receive finnancial support.

The 1959 Club!

Named in honor of ISC’s foundation year, the 1959 Club was created to honor those who donate

R$ 1959 or more.

As a member, you get to participate in some educational experiences throughout the year and are invited to attend an exclusive 1959 CLUB donor recognition event.

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