ISC Board of Directors

Different than most other private schools in Curitiba, which are mostly for-profit corporations, ISC is a non-profit association of parents.

As ISC associates, parents elect a group of up to nine volunteer parents as their Board of Directors, to oversee and undertake the governance of the school.

The Board's Roles

The role of each Board member is to steward ISC in fulfilling its mission and vision statements. Key responsibilities of the Board include long-term strategic planning, protecting the assets and ensuring the financial viability of the school as well as hiring the Head of School.

According to ISC’s bylaws, the Board is made up of five corporate and four local positions, elected for three-year terms.

Our Board Members

Alessandra Dabul | Member at Large

Alessandra Dabul | Member at Large

Alessandra Dabul is a Brazilian citizen whose professional background includes more than 20 years working with Tax and Corporate Law. Alessandra is also a founding partner at RCA Governança, Sucessão e Gestão. Alessandra has worked for major consultancy companies and currently works in her own law firm, Pereira, Dabul e Advogados Associados, dedicating her professional life assisting international corporations willing to invest in Brazil. Alessandra holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Social Law.

Carla Bordin | Member at Large

Carla Bordin | Member at Large

Former director of the Barigui Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on educating underprivileged youth. With a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from PUC-PR and a postgraduate degree in Photography, she lived in Spain for 5 years.

Board's Expectations and Duties


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