The International Fair is our most traditional and anticipated event for our community. Organized by our PTO, ISC families from different countries of origin get together to showcase their culture in the form of food and special presentations. The International Fair usually takes place in April and is an incredible opportunity to sample delicious food from around the world, meet new friends and enjoy time with your family.


Every October, the monsters and ghosts are loose on the ISC Campus. Organized by the PTO, our Halloween Party is the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite costume and have fun with all members of our ISC community. In addition to delicious treats, the party always includes tricks and games as well as the spooky Haunted House traditionally organized by our Student Council (Stuco).


On June, it’s time to celebrate the Brazilian party, Festa Junina.  Traditional food and dance, like the popular Quadrilha, are some of the highlights of the event. Organized by the PTO, the Festa Junina Party it’s a fun day where our students, parents, faculty, and staff dress up like “caipiras” and play traditional games.


A true sense of community is what makes ISC special. Two times a year we invite all ISC families and friends to spend a fun day on campus and enjoy good music, great food and tons of activities. From sports to arts & crafts, also going through culinary, we involve parents, teachers, students and employees to make the best out of that time. Community Day is also open to friends and neighbours, or anyone you consider family.  


ISC has a vast array of incredible handcraft talent in our community and the ISC Craft Fair is the opportunity to showcase and sell your work. The event is held every November and parents, faculty and staff members can participate as vendors during this two afternoon event.