The Elementary School focuses on the development of core skills including reading, writing and speaking. During the Elementary years, content is taught through projects that develop the student’s curiosity and pro-activity towards learning.


The Elementary School curriculum consists of Language and Literature (Portuguese and English), Mathematics, Humanities, Brazilian History and Geography, Science, Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Portuguese Language, Brazilian History and Brazilian Geography classes are taught in Portuguese and meet the number of hours required by MEC. All other subjects are taught in English. In addition to the core curriculum, students may choose to participate in After-School activities.


Language Support – EAL/PAL

Our Second Language support program is divided between EAL (English as an Additional Language) and PAL (Portuguese as an Additional Language). EAL aims to adapt the student who has little or no knowledge of English, using academic content to develop cognitive skills in a second language.

The focus of the PAL program is to integrate international students into the Brazilian culture and society by teaching the Portuguese language and the traditions of the country.

ISC Academy

The ISC Academy activities enhance our student’s learning and development possibilities. Academic, artistic and sporting After-School activities include Soccer, Lego Robotics, Sports Initiation, Dances from the World, Suzuki Strings (music), Drama and others.