Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Center (ECC) program includes projects in the classroom, music, physical education and art classes, visits to the library, and small field trips, among other activities designed to develop our students’ social, motor and cognitive skills.

The small number of students per grade level and the presence of a teacher and an assistant teacher per class, provide each child with the attention and care needed to develop their own selves. Facilities specifically designed for early childhood education meet the needs that every child has to explore, play and create according to their age.

The Project Approach

The Project Approach is a teaching methodology based on project development and refers to a set of educational learning strategies that are introduced through everyday topics. Some of the advantages of thisapproach include more profound and lasting understanding and betterdevelopment of interpersonal communication skills, creativity and leadership.

At the end of each semester, students make a presentation for parents on the topics studied during the quarters, and after the presentation, students take their parents into the classroom to share their work.


Life at ECC


The ECC is divided into 5 grade levels according to the age of the students.

ECC 1: 2-3 years old
ECC 2: 3-4 years old
ECC 3: 4-5 years old
Kindergarten: 5-6 years old


Class Schedule: 8:15am – 3:20pm

Snack: Two snacks are served. One in the morning and another in the afternoon

Lunch: 11:00am – 1:00pm

Nap time (ECC 1 and ECC 2): Occurs after lunch for approximately one and a half hours

ISC Academy (after-school activities): 3:30pm – 4:15pm


ISC lunch is provided by RISA School, a company that develops healthy and balanced menus, that provide our students with all the nutrients they need for their everyday activities.


There are several ways for parents to be in touch with their child’s teacher. In addition to the school agenda, emails and personal meetings, ECC offers two ‘Open Houses’ every year, generally during the second week of each semester.

These events aim to answer possible questions of parents, introduce them to teaching staff, explain the subjects that will be studied during the following semester and share expectations for student learning.

At the end of the first and third quarters, parents are also invited to come to school to participate in‘Parent/Teacher Conferences’.


Reports on the development of each student are delivered four times a year at the end of each quarter. 

At the end of the first and third quarter, a Report Card is delivered personally by the teacher during the Parent/Teacher Conference. In the second and fourth quarters, Report Cards are sent home by mail.


To enhance the understanding of the subjects addressed in the classroom, students in PreK and Kindergarten, with the permission of their parents, are taken on Field Trips outside the school campus to explore and see in practice topics such as professions and different species of animals.

ISC Academy

We offer a range of After-School activities that aim to develop our students in different ways. Sporting activities such as Ballet, Judo, Soccer, Sport Initiation develop motor coordinationbody awareness and love for sports. After-School classes like Art, Photography and Origamiaim to develop the artistic sense and fine motor coordination. Activities such as ScienceReading andFun Cooking’ broaden the horizons of children and give them the opportunity to experiment and learn from their inherently natural curiosity.

Reggio Emilia Approach

Created in the postwar scenario, the Reggio Emilia Approach is a philosophy that empowers children in their own education, fostering curiosity and encouraging them to take challenges during their learning. Teachers are facilitators in this process and the environment plays the role of the third teacher, supporting all learning that happens in the school.

ISC is a Reggio Emilia inspired school.