Lei de Incentivo do Esporte

Support ISC's Sport Initiatives!

By donating to the Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, you help ISC provide our athletes with high-quality sports equipment, uniforms, and support national and international sports tournaments.


Be a patron of our
athletes' dreams and aspirations.

The Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte is one of the Advancement giving programs at ISC. It is a great venue for you and your company to support the sports at ISC through tax incentive law in which companies can donate up to 2% of the tax due and individual people up to 7%, with the goal of presenting ISC’s athletes and scholarship students with outstanding training, coaching, structure, equipment, uniforms and tournament opportunities.

160 student athletes, between 10 and 18 years old, and 493 families benefit from ISC’s Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte program.

To learn more about the Ano 3 Project at ISC, implemented in 2023, click here. For more information about Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, contact the Advancement team at advancement@iscbrazil.com.

How to participate

Contact us to let us know
your intention to support
a Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte
project so we can start
the donation process in
conjunction with your

After declaring the intention
to support the project, the
company has to make a deposit
until the last business day
of the year, at the bank
account opened and s
upervised by the Brazilian
Ministry of Sports.

After the deposit
is made, contact us at
to receive a receipt of the
donation. This receipt is
used by the company
to conclude the
tax break.

"The tournament was a surreal and fantastic experience. Playing against other schools is incredible, we learn a lot and create bonds. This interaction helps us meet people from different places and grow. I felt very privileged and living an achievement."
Sofia Pereira
Student Athlete
“Through the donations to Lei do Incentivo, we unlock doors to possibilities that go far beyond the classroom, creating sports experiences that not only enrich student's lives but also foster growth, teamwork, and lasting memories.”
Flavia Mizukawa
Director of Athletics & Activities

Frequent Questions

We would be also happy to meet with you
in person and answer your questions. 

Companies and individuals can donate to Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte.

Companies qualified to donate to Lei de Incentivo projects are those that declare Income Tax based on their real profit. These companies can donate up to 2% of the tax due on sports project.

Individuals can also be donors, but only if they submit their Income Tax returns through the full form. They can invest up to 7% of their tax due.

The donor will deduct the amount donated from the payment of the tax due.

Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte does not compete with other types of tax incentives, like Lei de Incentivo à Cultura (Lei Rouanet) or the Fundo para a Infância e Adolescência (FIA). 

Even if the company/individual already donates to these projects, they still have the right to donate up to 2% / 7% through Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte and deduct from their taxes.

The same project may have several donors, and the same donor can invest in many projects. 

The deadline is December 31st of each year.

The Ministry of Sports will send to the Federal Tax Department the information relating to the donation, so that the company / individual will be entitled to a tax deduction. This process is completely guaranteed. 

ISC (the proponent) will issue the receipt, sign it and send it to the depositor (donor), company or individual and the Ministry of Sports.

Your donations provide the highest impact on your children's learning, as well as the whole school ecosystem.

If leaving a legacy in education appeals to you, we have bold ideas to share. We would also love to hear ideas from you. 

Together we go further. 

Gustavo Segui

Advancement Director

Mariana Piva

Advancement Manager

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