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A New High School Physics Lab

A modern learning space that will match our students academic excellence.


Creating a modern learning High School Physics Lab

We are upgrading our Physics Lab to ensure our high-quality teaching and learning of physics principles are matched with a modern learning space.

This includes new equipment, professional lab furniture, and a redesigned space to enhance students’ experiments, simulations, and research projects.

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Where We Are Now

Join us in elevating our high-quality, modern teaching of Physics with a state-of-the-art lab where our students can engage in hands-on learning. Donate today!

Fundraising Goal: R$ 300.000
R$ 300.000 100%

The funds raised throughout the school year and during ISC Night have exceeded the goal for the High School Physics Lab project. According to the ISC Advancement Policy, the remaining amount will be used to either further enhance this project or be allocated to another Advancement initiative. We will inform our community once a decision is made. The ISC Report will detail the allocation of these donations and their impact on the school.

About the Project

A redesigned space

The new Physics Lab will be completely redesigned to better support our students in their inquiry-based learning of Physics, promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, equipping students with the skills needed for their future.

Professional Lab Furniture

The new High School Physics Lab will be equipped with some of the world's best lab furniture, designed to be immune to oxidation and rust. The furniture features excellent mechanical and thermal durability, along with high resistance to impact, chemical agents, and ultraviolet rays.

Scientific Technology

Students gain a deeper understanding of science through a combination of daily demonstrations and highly interactive experiments. With the purchasing of new world-class lab equipment this learning environment will encourage even more a love for science at ISC.

"It's not just about the technology or the physical space. Donations help create an environment where all students can thrive, becoming role models, leaders, and ultimately achieving success in their lives."

Thiago P.
High School Student

A Student and Teacher-Centered Design Process

Here at ISC, we have a special design process that is highly collaborative. Teachers, students, and staff all become part of this process, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration towards creating a new learning space.

During the planning process for the High School Physics Lab, our high school students (as the primary users of this new learning space) suggested numerous details and improvements to better meet their needs.


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Inquiry-Based Learning

Teaching for the Future means actively involving students in the learning process, facilitating genuine connections to the real world through exploration and thought-provoking inquiries.

This approach not only encourages problem-solving but also emphasizes experiential learning, providing students with valuable hands-on experiences that enhance their understanding and skills.

Become a 1959 Club donor

By donating R$ 1.959 you become a member of the 1959 Club, joining a distinguished group of individuals who drive meaningful change at ISC.

Your donations create exceptional learning opportunities for your children

If leaving a legacy in education appeals to you, we have bold ideas and a place for you. Together we go further! 

Gustavo Segui

Advancement Director

Mariana Piva

Advancement Manager

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