Celebrating 10 years of Advancement!

A decade of remarkable impact on education has been made possible because of the generosity of our donors.


As a non-profit school,
we dream big.

And generosity plays a crucial role in transforming dreams into learning opportunities that inspire students every day.

Donations empower us to accelerate the implementation of innovative projects and provide children with the authentic learning experiences we dream for them.

Together with our donors, we have created a successful virtuous cycle of donations and made a remarkable impact in education. You can also be a part of this.

The Advancement program funded more than 50 projects in 10 years.

Check out the complete list of projects made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.
  • Literary & Science resources for Elementary and ECC
  • Apple TVs in classrooms & Buzzer set
  • Mindstorm LEGO robotics kits
  • Growth Mindset workshop with Antonio Rodriguez
  • P.E. equipment, foosball, and tennis tables
  • Bose theater speakers, choir microphones, and extension cords
  • Extended script for Drama Production
  • SAAC Peru (Basketball) & Friendship Tournament flights for scholarship students
  • MUN conference equipment
  • Financial aid to BRAMUN, Knowledge Bowl and Mathcounts trips
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)

Major Gift Projects:

  • Kawai Piano for ECC 
  • Wildcat Arena Basketball backboards
  • Social & Emotional Learning training with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
  • Performance music risers
  • Wildcat Arena curtains & folding chairs
  • MUN New York (first time for ISC) & Montevideo support
  • Pottery kiln for art classes
  • CWW field trips for scholarship students
  • Futsal goals
  • Dance room and weight room wall mirrors
  • Ice machine
  • Volleyball referee stand and protection
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)
  • Community Garden, Resources & Learning Workshops
  • Experiential Learning Coach
  • Social & Emotional Learning Coach
  • ECC Outdoor & Experiential Playground
  • Drone, Sphero Coding Kits, Live Stream Cameras, Lego Mindstorm Kits and tech resources for coding
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)

Major Gift Projects:

  • Architectural Design Plans for Learning Environments: (in-kind)

    • ECC Outdoor & Experiential Playground 
    • Life Skills Lab, Learning Center 
    • High School Hub 
    • Middle School Playground
    • Elementary Playground
  • Life Skills Lab  (Single Major Gift Donation)
  • Learning Center & ISC Campus Masterplan Redesign (Single Major Gift Donation)
  • iNNOVATE Conference – Professional development for teachers
  • Outdoor Education Center in the Jaime Lerner Bosque – Zip lines, low rope course & climbing wall
  • Outdoor education workshops with specialists Mark Jones & Dr. Susan Harper
  • ECC Arts Atelier construction
  • Professional pizza oven (in-kind gift)
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)

Major Gift Projects:

  • Middle School Playground & Courtyard
  • High School HUB
  • ECC Arts Atelier furniture (Single Major Gift Donation)
  • Elementary School Playground
  • Multiple Architectural Design Plans & Project Management: 
    • Middle School renovation plans and construction monitoring during 2 months;
    • Elementary Playground Project phase 2 + monitoring construction during 2 months;
    • High School Hub Construction monitoring during 1.5 months;
    • ECC 1 and ECC 2 classroom new layout and construction monitoring;
    • Refurbishment of High School office and Multimedia room and construction monitoring.
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)

Major Gift Projects:

  • Design & Innovation Lab

In-kind Donations

  • High School Hub Outdoor Net Chair
  • Flower decoration for school events
  • Architectural Consulting in various school projects
  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)
  • ISC Solidarity Drive Campaign – Support the Project Mães da Favela, led by CUFA(Central Única das Favelas)

    • Goal of 500 cestas básicas

    • Raised funds to provide 548 cestas básicas

  • Multiple student-led social projects (Service Learning Program)
  • First Online ISC Night event

  • The ECC Playground
  • The Black Box Theater
  • 2 Major gift Donations towards the Black Box Theater
  • The Black Box Theater

How is ISC funded?


Tuition serves the goal of providing the world’s best teachers and outstanding professionals, but it is not enough to transform the school.

Association Contribution

The Association Contribution Fee is used for bigger campus enhancements, such as building, remodeling, and expanding learning spaces.


Accelerates the implementation of innovative projects that make ISC a remarkable school for generations of students.

Watch the video to understand why ISC asks for donations.

Become a 1959 Club donor and join a distinguished group of people that transforms education at ISC.

Join the 1959 Club by donating R$ 1.959 or more.

Black Box Theater: Donations goal 100% reached!

The Advancement program has achieved the funding goal for the Black Box Theater! Its implementation started in December 2023, and has an estimated construction period of six months.

This exceptional new learning space will change everything for our performing arts program, offering superior acoustic isolation and treatment, lighting grids, and versatile seating. It will accommodate a wide range of productions, art exhibitions, conferences, classes, and events.

Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte

The education of our athletes and scholarship students is transformed as these projects allow us to offer high-level training, equipment, and participation in national and international tournaments.

Donate up to 2% of your company’s taxes or up to 7% of you individual taxes, and support the sports at ISC through Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte.

To know more about projects and how to donate please email us at

Frequent Questions

We would be also happy to meet with you and answer your questions. 

ISC is a non-profit school, with limited resources. Donations allows the school to accelerate the implementation of innovative projects, creating exceptional educational opportunities for students now.

ISC is a non-profit association of parents and voluntary gifts allow the school to strengthen and enhance its programs and learning environments at levels well beyond those that can be paid through tuition alone.

By defining what exceptional educational opportunities we can offer our students, where innovation can create an immediate impact.

Its definition is made through a collaborative process involving the school Board, Leadership Team, teachers and students as well. 

The Advancement Program is regulated by policies and strong governance.

Yes, all gifts are recognized. Names of donors are listed in our annual ISC Report.

The list does NOT include the amount donated by individuals.

When making your gift, please be sure to let us know under which name(s) you would like your gift to be recognized. Gifts may also remain anonymous in our report, by request.

ISC is part of The Council for Advancement and Support of Education.  

This international organization, provides an important perspective on the Advancement challenges faced by schools, colleges, and universities. 

CASE provides institutions around the globe guidelines and principles of practice for excellence in the field of fundraising.

Your donations provide the highest impact on your children's learning, as well as the whole school ecosystem.

If leaving a legacy in education appeals to you, we have bold ideas to share. We would also love to hear ideas from you. 

Together we go further! 

Gustavo Segui

Advancement Director

Mariana Piva

Advancement Manager

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