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Everyone supporting Teaching for the Future

Our Advancement Program has the goal to ensure ISC’s ability to provide exceptional educational opportunities to students now and remain a distinctive school.

ISC is a non-profit association which counts on donations from our community to fund innovative projects that transform education.

You too can participate and make an impact in education. 

Together we go further.

Become a 1959 Club donor and join a distinguished group of people that transforms education at ISC.

Join the 1959 Club by donating R$ 1.959 or more.

Let's Build a Black Box Theater

A Black Box Theater is a flexible performance space that can suit a wide range of theatrical and performance productions.

With superior acoustic isolation and treatment, lighting grids, and flexible seating, this space is perfect to hold a variety of productions, art exhibitions, conferences, classes and events.

This outstanding learning space will change everything for our performing arts program.

Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte

Donate up to 1% of your company’s taxes and support the sports at ISC.

With this program we impact sports at ISC. The education of our athletes and scholarship students is transformed as these projects allow us to offer high level training, equipment and participation in national and international tournaments.

Understand how our school is funded


Although tuition serves the goal to provide the world’s best teachers and outstanding professionals, it is not enough to transform the school.

Association contribution

The Association Contribution Fee is used for campus enhancements, such as building, remodeling and expanding learning spaces.


Accelerates the implementation of innovative projects creating exceptional educational opportunities for students now.

Frequent Questions

We would be also happy to meet with you and answer your questions. 

ISC is a non-profit school, with limited resources. Donations allows the school to accelerate the implementation of innovative projects, creating exceptional educational opportunities for students now.

Yes, all gifts are recognized. Names of donors are listed in our annual ISC Report.

The list does NOT include the amount donated by individuals.

When making your gift, please be sure to let us know under which name(s) you would like your gift to be recognized. Gifts may also remain anonymous in our report, by request.

ISC is a non-profit association of parents and voluntary gifts allow the school to strengthen and enhance its programs and learning environments at levels well beyond those that can be paid through tuition alone.

By defining what exceptional educational opportunities we can offer our students, where innovation can create an immediate impact.

Projects are defined by a collaborative process involving the school Board, Leadership Team, teachers and students as well. 

The Advancement Program is regulated by policies and strong governance.

ISC is part of The Council for Advancement and Support of Education.  

This international organization, provides an important perspective on the Advancement challenges faced by schools, colleges, and universities. 

CASE provides institutions around the globe guidelines and principles of practice for excellence in the field of fundraising.

Your donations provide the highest impact on your children's learning, as well as the whole school ecosystem.

If leaving a legacy in education appeals to you, we have bold ideas to share. We would also love to hear ideas from you. 

Together we go further. 

Gustavo Segui

Advancement Director

Mariana Piva

Advancement Manager

Our Strong Culture of Giving

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