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ISC is a non-profit association which counts on donations from our generous community to accelerate Educational plans and projects improving our school’s 4 key areas: Learning, Innovation, Community and Campus.

Giving to your favorite charity feels good, but giving to Education is powerful and can have a greater impact than you think. It influences others to be committed to the learning not only of your children but also, of the next generations to come. A little goes a long way at our school and when you make a donation to ISC you join a community that is engaged in making a difference in fulfilling the school’s vision Teaching for the Future.

You too can participate and make an impact in Education. Together we go further.

The 1959 Club is a distinguished group of parents that spark change at ISC.

Join the 1959 Club by donating R$ 1.959,00 or more to support the projects at ISC. The impact of those donations and the engagement of our community help us to deliver innovatively and distinguish projects for our student’s education.

New Projects

When you donate to ISC, you can see your donation at work with breakthrough projects, and watch students gain access to higher learning and broader opportunities.

Current Project:

  • Black Box Theater

A Black Box Theater is a flexible performance space that can be adapted to suit a wide range of theatrical productions, from intimate dramas to several other learning opportunities.

Our students will have an outstanding performance space with a structure that allows them to fully explore the benefits that a space like that can offer.

Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte

Donate up to 1% of your company’s taxes and support the sports at ISC. We aim to impact the education of our athletes and scholarship students by high level training and through participation in national and international tournaments.

Understand how our school is funded


Although tuition pays for a lot of things at ISC, such as providing the world’s best teachers and outstanding professionals, it doesn’t cover everything.

Association contribution

The Association Contribution Fee is used for campus enhancements, such as building, remodelling and expanding learning spaces.


Accelerates the implementation of innovative project through donations from the ISC community.

Frequent Questions

Still having questions about Advancement?

ISC is a non-profit school that relies on donations to be able to accelerate innovative projects that impact learning really fast. Otherwise it would take many years to build a playground, for example. Please note that a social counterpart is also important, so 10% of our Annual Fund donations support Service Learning projects, which focus on helping people in need. By making a donation to ISC, you not only help improving learning, but also supports service projects.

Yes, all gifts are recognized. Names of donors are listed in our annual ISC REPORT. The list does NOT include the amount donated. When making your gift, please be sure to let us know under which name(s) you would like your gift to be recognized. Gifts may also remain anonymous in our report, by request. Other areas where gifts may be recognized are: pages of our website, WINDOW Magazine, and other ISC communications.

Each year, the school spends around 80% of tuition fees paying for the best teachers hired from overseas or locally and 20% on operational costs. ISC is a non-profit association of parents and voluntary gifts allow the school to strengthen and enhance its programs and learning environments at levels well beyond those that can be paid through tuition alone.

No. The funds raised in the Annual Fund Campaigns from 2018 to 2021 will be spent in one sole project (the building of a theater), for example.

ISC is part of The Council for Advancement and Support of Education, a global non-profit association who shares the goal of championing education through fundraising to transform lives and society.

Your donations provide the highest impact on your children's learning, as well as the whole school ecosystem.

We would love to discuss with our community about opportunities to take the school to the next level. If leaving a legacy in education appeals to you, we have bold ideas to share and we look forward to hearing yours.

Gustavo Segui

Advancement Director

Mariana Piva

Advancement Manager

The ISC Culture of Giving

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