To ensure that all children have an opportunity to fulfill their full emotional and social potential.

A Partner in Learning

The ISC counseling team keeps an eye on student conflicts and
difficulties assisting them in overcoming challenges – including being
accepted into the University of their dreams.

School life brings a series of discoveries and challenges which include the physical and psychological growth of students. In today’s context, change is constant and social networks impact interpersonal relationships. The consequence is an increase in conflicts, uncertainties, socialization issues, learning disorders, stress and depression.

There is nothing better than having partners at our school that can identify eventual issues and help our students work towards solution, contributing to more balanced social and emotional development.

Meet our Counseling Team

The counseling team works closely with administrators, teachers
parents and outside professionals in order to identify students’ emotional needs, provide
appropriate services, and maintain constructive communication.
Pamela Sarria

Pamela Sarria

“With elementary students, the program focuses on promoting important practices for social interaction, knowing how to deal with emotions and also the learning process."

Daniela Ferreira

Daniela Ferreira

“We live in constant and intense change. We need to make our students prepared for this turbulence of emotions. The school has an important role in the character development of its students. The counseling job is part of an education for life that makes the student further.”

Dama Dhummakupt

Dama Dhummakupt

"As someone who loves memoirs, I see the role of the counselor as someone who helps students overcome adversity and move towards self actualization in order for them to write their best chapters."

Social & Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is a core aspect of education at ISC. Through SEL, students are encouraged to not only understand and manage their own emotions, but to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.


Heading to College?

ISC offers a College Counseling Program for our High School students. LEARN MORE