The Buddy Program

Strengthening one of the most important aspects of our school: our community.

An open door to our new families

Welcome on board!

Because we are a school aware that family involvement directly influences students’ performance and learning, parental involvement is highly encouraged and expected. Having an ISC family to assist newcomers in this journey is key to offer support and strengthen one of the most important aspects of our school: our community.

With all community members emotionally, socially, and
cognitively engaged, we ensure that our mission is being fulfilled:

Everyone Learning Everywhere.

Transitioning to ISC - an easy and enjoyable experience.
“Each Buddy Family can do different things to welcome new families. We sent an email with a brief introduction to our family, and an offer to help. Then, we invited them to have lunch at our place. The adults had a good time sharing experiences and talking about traveling while the children played together. I think we were able to make their transition to ISC easier and it has been an enjoyable experience for us too.”
Barbara Nabais

Barbara Nabais

PTO President


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