CAS & Service Learning Projects


The Soup Kitchen Project has the objective of assisting and volunteering at the “Associação Vida Nova”. This association works with homeless people who don’t have food or basic needs to live. ISC has incorporated their community to ours through coffee-break snacks almost twice every month. We strive to better their lives in every way we can, especially through the donations of food and kitchen supplies.


Drop the D, a Non-Governmental Organization, aims to break down the barriers of prejudice and promote social inclusion of young people with disabilities. Through close interactions with children and teenagers with special conditions in hearing disability and autism centers in our local community, students from ISC have access to incredible opportunities of personal growth and reflection. Composed of a team of 10 professional student leaders, the organization strives to promote justice, equality and wellbeing for all, regardless of their physical or mental conditions.


The Elder Aid project focuses on supporting the elders of the Vovó Joana Nursing Home. It is with kindness and care that the students prepare snacks, activities or hear their stories every third Sunday of the month. The project aims to give these elders company while at the same time helping the House with matters such as structure in order to improve the living condition of these elders.


The Adopt a School project at ISC works together with PUC-PR to improve the conditions of the Ilha Rasa community, on the coast of Paraná. Throughout the year, fundraisers are organized to finance and gather materials for the community, which will be delivered to them by the 12th grade students at the end of their senior year. During the trip, the students work on building/renovation projects, while also using the opportunity to teach children from the Municipal School about recycling, health and preservation of the environment.


In this project, High School students create fundraising activities and spread awareness to help the APACN, Casa de Neoplasia. This institution is a safe place for children who are getting treated. They all have been diagnosed with cancer, and do not have the capacity to finance a place outside the house. The attempt is to visit the house once a month, to cheer the kids up and meet the place that helps people from all around South America. Students who participate develop empathy, solidarity and planning skills.


The Culture Exchange CAS project works with CMEI Monteverdi and Lamenha Pequena, which are both located in Santa Felicidade, near ISC. The main goals we have established with this project – during Community Service Day and private visits – are to introduce cultural aspects from different countries and from our own environment at ISC to the children, as well as upgrade the infrastructure of both institutions.