Sport is a key component of the ISC student experience. Whether participating in physical education classes or in soccer, volley and basketball teams, the ultimate goal is the same: to stimulate an interest in sport and to develop personal skills.

Our coaching staff support students to achieve in the core-curriculum as well as motivate them to compete fairly, with proper consideration for ethics, respect and the sense of fellowship that sport provides.

Athletics per division


Grades 1-5

The purpose of our Elementary School athletic program is to encourage participation in athletics, develop students’ abilities and promote the concepts of team play and sportsmanship.


Grades 6-8

The goal of the Middle School athletic program is to develop team strategies, sportsmanship and competitive skills in preparation for the High School level tournaments. Important measures of success are the development of team unity during the season as well as significant improvement in individual and team performance, emphasizing the cooperative philosophy of the Middle School Friendship tournaments.


Grades 9-12

The goal of the High School athletic program is to form competitive, winning teams while promoting the highest standards of sportsmanship. By participating in athletics our athletes have the opportunity to compete in the SAAC competition on the international stage, against other South American players. Through these activities, students are given the opportunity to acquire the disposition to maintain lifelong fitness, develop healthful habits, and strengthen their ability to act positively and proactively in group efforts.

ISC Academy

Our ISC Academy Program is designed to offer students from all divisions the opportunity to try out a variety of activities ranging from Arts to Athletics, Clubs to Crafts. Activities can vary each semester depending on the interest of our students and faculty.

Tournaments & Conferences

Middle School Friendship Tournament

Every year ISC Middle School athletes compete in the Middle School Friendship Tournament against schools from Uruguay and Argentina. This tournament provides students with the chance to socialize and compete with their fellow teammates and international players. It is also their opportunity to be introduced to athletic tournaments without pressure, serving as a preparation for the High School sports league.

High School Sports League

SAAC – The South American Activities Conference (SAAC) consists of teams repesenting International Schools from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. Joining this league greatly expands our students’ horizons both athletically and culturally. It gives them the opportunity to compete in high-level tournaments of soccer, volleyball and basketball, whilst travelling around South America. When we hold SAAC events here, we give students and families alike the opportunity to participate in a fun and rewarding sporting event, promoting global sportsmanship in our own backyard.

Visual & Performing Arts

SAAC – South American Activities Conference (SAAC) Performing Arts Festival is an event that includes International Schools from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. The purpose is to discuss art in its various strands, such as drama, music and visual arts, giving the students the opportunity to develop their talents and improve their skills in three days of intense training. One of the international schools always hosts the event, which allows the students to expand their world view, by being immersed in different cultures.



WildMUN is ISC’s official Model United Nations (MUN) delegationMUN is a simulation of the United Nations conferences, where students step into the shoes of delegates from all over the world, to debate relevant issues to the representing countries. While in this position, they make speeches, draft resolutions, deliberate with delegates whom might be allies and adversaries,  all in order to resolve conflicts at the countries best interests.


The purpose of the Stuco is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body.