Arts are part of ISC education from Early Childhood Center to High School. Students have the opportunity to express their selves by exploring visual arts, music and drama, having the support of specialized teachers and being able to participate in events throughout the whole school year.

For those students who seek a career in visual arts, ISC offers the IB Visual Arts program that encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries.

Performances & Activities

SAAC Visual & Performing Arts

South American Activities Conference (SAAC) Performing Arts Festival is an event that includes International Schools from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. The purpose is to discuss art in its various strands, such as drama, music and visual arts, giving the students the opportunity to develop their talents and improve their skills in three days of intense training. One of the international schools always hosts the event, which allows the students to expand their world view, by being immersed in different cultures.

Annual Drama Production

Every end of school year, ISC students stage a play for the school’s community. The play, which can be an original piece or an adaptation of a classic, is the result of months of preparation that includes acting rehearsal, costume and set design and singing, music playing and dancing practice. This process allows our students to have a full comprehension of all steps in the production of a drama play while develop their own skills and talents.

ISC School Band Concerts

The combined ISC & Graded School Band Concerts in January/February have become a tradition at our school. The Concert and Jazz Bands from Graded School (São Paulo) have performed at ISC as part of their yearly Concert Tour to Florianopolis over the past 10 years. The Graded Bands perform with excellence and impress our school with their high level of musicianship every year. Their visit always motivates our Band students to learn and perform challenging repertory.

IB Visual Arts

The IB Diploma visual arts is a thought-provoking course in which students develop analytical skills in problem solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers. In addition to exploring and comparing visual arts from different perspectives and in different contexts, students are expected to engage in, experiment with critically reflect upon a wide range of contemporary practices and media. The course is designed for students who want to go to study visual arts in higher education as well as for those who are seeking lifelong enrichment through visual arts. (

In the photo gallery, you see the work of our 2015-2016 IB Visual Arts graduates.