As we move into more complex contexts in society, promoting a culture of collaboration, learning and giving is fundamental to progressive schools.

ISC is an independent private, nonprofit organization funded by 3 revenue streams: Tuition, Association Contribution and Advancement.

Advancement – ADVCT is a fundraising program, created to accelerate, through donations, ISC’s Educational plans and projects, improving the school’s 4 key areas: Learning, Innovation, Community and Campus.

These projects, otherwise, would take a long time to happen only with the income of our other two pillars.

Since the Advancement Program’s beginning in 2013, donations from our community are responsible for the implementation of more than 50 projects. By making a donation to the ISC Advancement Program you are supporting the School’s Vision: Teaching for the Future.

Understanding Advancement through ISC’s 3 Revenue Streams


Provides excellent educational programs and outstanding professionals.


Used for campus enhancements, such as building, remodeling and expanding learning spaces.


Our Advancement Program seeks donations to accelerate ISC’s innovative projects. It also supports social projects led by students through Service Learning.


Think of ISC as a rocket. The Advancement program is the turbo fuel that moves us faster towards our Vision: Teaching for the Future.

Visit our Annual Fund Page, learn about this year’s Project, an ISC Theater, and see how you can support the Performing Arts at ISC.

Let’s Fuel this Rocket together. 

See all the Projects Advancement has made possible

through donations