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ISC is a school that values experiential learning, adopt hands-on projects, in which students learn by actively engaging in activities that put their knowledge to use. Real-world situations are part of lessons within a collaborative environment that requires collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and the ability to work independently. Our Learning Community, composed by students, employees and parents strive to understand essential concepts, promoting competencies and developing character in order to thrive as global citizens.

Come experience our learning and discuss your child’s education with us. Contact or give us a call at +55 (41) 98723-9840 and we will schedule a visit.
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Nivia Godinho

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Our Admissions Process



Our admissions team will be glad to answer your questions about tuition, school curriculum, calendar etc. Contact us: - Phone: +55 (41) 98723-9840 (WhatsApp).



Let's schedule a visit at the school! Please reserve 90 minutes to get to know us and what our community stands for. To request an individual tour, please email or call us. Tours are from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am / 10:30 am / 12 pm / 1:30 pm / 3 pm.

Assessment & Interview

Assessment & Interview

Please read carefully what is necessary to provide for the Assessment & Interview, after you have done the tour. Students applying for ECC 1 and ECC 2 (2 and 3 years old), parents are required to send us an application email. Students applying for ECC 3 (4 years old) up to Grade 12 (17 years old) will do assessment and talk with the divisional Principal. To schedule the assessment, we require the child's last three report cards and an enrollment document from the current school stating that the child is properly enrolled.



After the assessment is done, the admission of a child to the International School of Curitiba is based on the availability of space at the appropriate grade level.

Our Campus is Closed,
Our Learning Continues

Due to the extended closure of our campus, all of our student admissions
are being held virtually. Email
or message +55 (41) 98723-9840 for more information.

To learn more about how we deliver education and wellness remotely
to our students, visit our Virtual Learning Program page by clicking below.

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What is the difference between an international school and a bilingual school?

One of the main differences between an international school and a bilingual school is the level of immersion in a foreign language. The Brazilian bilingual schools are focused on the Brazilian curriculum and, although students are in superficial contact with a foreign language through extracurricular activities, they have Portuguese as the language of instruction. At ISC, we have international educators interacting with students in a multicultural environment. In addition, Portuguese, Brazilian History and Brazilian Geography are part of our curriculum, as required by the Secretaria de Estado da Educação do Paraná.

Will my child be able to pass the Vestibular?

At ISC,the students have the opportunity to obtain certificates of completion of course, from both the Brazilian and American systems, and may also do all or part of the curricular components of the International Baccalaureate (IB). Since the Brazilian curriculum required by MEC is met and ISC holds a very rigorous academic standard, students who graduate from the International School of Curitiba are able to pass the vestibular.

Does ISC offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer Sports Scholarships starting on Grade 6. At the moment there are no spots available for application. When we open application for our Scholarships Program we will announce on our website.

My child doesn't speak English. Can he/she be enrolled at ISC?

Yes. English fluency is not a mandatory prerequisite to enroll your child. ISC has developed a program that offers English support to each student, regardless of his nationality or language level.

I'm not fluent in English. How can I communicate with the school?

The school-parent communication happens via emails, online platforms, parent-teacher meetings and events. Our doors are always open for you to speak with our Principals or our Head of School as well. School-wide communications are sent in English and Portuguese. If necessary, we offer support in other languages.

Is the school calendar different?

It depends where you are coming from. Our school year begins in August and finishes in June. School vacations are balanced between June/July and December/January. We respect all national holidays and celebrate the most important Brazilian and International civic and popular events.

When can I enroll my child at ISC?

Our school year starts in August, however, we enroll students anytime throughout the year. We recommend you to start the admissions process at least eight months prior to enrollment. Our spot availability is very limited due to class sizes.

How old does my child have to be to start studying at ISC?

We enroll students who are 24 months old by August 31 in ECC 1.

What is the accreditation of the International School of Curitiba?

We are accredited by Secretaria de Estado da Educação do Paraná and AdvancED (SACS CASI). We are also an International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) member. The ISC learning experience is characterized by the combination of these three credentials.

What are the school hours?

Early Childhood Center Mondays: Begins at 8:50 am Finishes at 3:20 pm Tuesdays to Fridays: Begins at 8:15 am Finishes at 3:20 pm After-school activities: from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm Elementary School, Middle School and High School Mondays: Begins at 8:50 am Finishes at 3:30 pm Tuesdays to Fridays: Begins at 8:05 am Finishes at 3:30 pm After-school activities: from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm

Do the children eat at school?

In our Early Childhood Center (ECC), children have three meals: a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. In our Elementary School, Middle School and High School, children can have lunch at ISC. We encourage the family to send snacks for the morning break and for the afternoon if the child participates in after-school activities. ISC meals* are prepared by It's Cool, a company which develops healthy and balanced menus providing our students all the nutrients they need for their everyday activities. Our daily menu includes a salad bar, brown and white rice, beans, two types of meat, pasta or potato, steamed vegetables, soup, fruit, and two choices of fresh juice. Feel welcome to come to school on occasion and have lunch with your child(ren).** *The meal fee is charged separately. **Visitor lunch tickets may be purchased at the restaurant.


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