Who we are

Our authentic and relevant learning opportunities are purposefully driven by research, engage the whole child, and involve all members of our community as agents of learning. These opportunities are the living embodiment of our Mission Statement: Everyone Learning Everywhere.

We are looking to develop people who will turn out to be responsible global citizens through positive contributions to the environment and society.



We are an internationally minded community of students, teachers, parents, staff and alumni engaged in continuous learning.


Learning is a visible process that leads to conceptual understanding, competencies and character.


Embracing all contexts and spaces as unique opportunities for learning; we contribute to global educational excellence.



We teach and support students in developing these essential traits based on what is worth learning.

Statement of International Mindedness

We are living in an increasingly interdependent, globalized and connected world. As a result, we understand that we are teaching for a future where we will interact with a variety of people, recognizing that we are all different.As global citizens we are called upon to learn about and improve our world together.
We have a collective responsibility to respect all cultures, languages, and backgrounds. International mindedness is embedded in everything we do, and is our mission; everyone learning everywhere.

  • We recognize that international mindedness is directly linked to global citizenship, with a shared goal of making the world a better, more equitable place. Our actions, and the way we communicate them, should promote purposeful and positive impacts locally and globally.


  • We believe that education for international mindedness and global citizenship is essential to being a collaborative, critical thinker, and is relevant to all areas of the curriculum, in every classroom, at every grade level.


  • We have a collective responsibility to embrace diversity in order to build a community that appreciates differences, is inquisitive, and promotes respect, empathy, compassion and critical thinking.


  • We incorporate international mindedness into our curriculum, as an approach to learning. This ensures that knowledge, skills and dispositions that improve our students’ understanding of global mindedness are incorporated regularly into their learning and communicated with a broader community.


  • We approach differences inquisitively, creatively, and with openness which helps us to strengthen character by building empathy and compassion within and for our international community.


  • We believe that parents and other stakeholders are important collaborators, contributors, learners and partners when it comes to international mindedness. These partnerships not only demonstrate our commitment to inclusion, but bring even more voices and perspectives to our school community.


  • We understand that being an internationally minded school allows us to collaborate and communicate with other institutions around the world.

ISC Human Rights Policy

We understand that human rights are fundamental to the well-being and dignity of every person. They provide a framework for individuals to live freely, without fear of persecution or discrimination. Human rights also empower individuals to participate in their societies and advocate for their own rights and those of others. Ensuring human rights is crucial for promoting social justice, and equality.

How is it to work at ISC?

We understand that, as we move into more complex contexts in society, we can succeed if everyone shares the same principles and a common language about respect and citzenship.

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