Service Learning is an essential part of education and encourages young people to give time and talents while developing their own awareness and cooperatively working with others.

Students actively participate in a variety of local community projects which prepares them to be responsible global citizens, who understand different cultures, are concerned about environmental issues and have a sense of ethics, equity and justice.

Uniting People

Creative, Activity & Service (CAS)

CAS is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Program which provides a counterbalance to the High School academic requirements.

CAS experiences often take place outside classroom walls and include theater, sports and community service, helping  students to develop principles like global engagement, commitment, perseverance and collaborative skills.

CAS hours are required for the IB Diploma and ISC Graduation. CAS experiences include Adopt a School, Global Link Project, Culture Exchange Project, Drop the D, Soup Kitchen and TETO.

Advisory and Community Service Projects

Our Advisory Program and Community Service Projects develops personal values through advisory lectures and social service projects. It helps students from 6th to 12th grades develop skills in team building, strategic planning and leadership, and promotes a sense of respect for the community and the less fortunate. This program reflects the CAS philosophy and also works as a training ground in which younger students gain experience and knowledge to lead more complex projects.

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