Every first Wednesday of the month is Green Day at ISC. On October 5th, the Green Team prepared some activities to raise awareness regarding the environment. The first was held during lunch, when students, faculty and staff members had the chance to taste some vegetables freshly harvested from our Elementary School Garden. This activity was developed to highlight the importance of eating organic food and to show how easy it is to grow and harvest vegetables, like lettuce.

A second activity involved ISC students having to guess how many kilos of garbage the school produces in five days. To give a hint, Mr. Tim Kenny, ISC’s Sustainability/Environment Coordinator, gathered all the garbage produced by the Elementary and Secondary school buildings in the past five days and put it in the middle of the plaza. It was a shocking way to see how much trash is going into the environment every day. The winner of the contest is Giovanna Bonilha from 7th grade who guested 93 kilos.

To wrap up the day, the students participated in a Green Day Assembly, where they learned about the new recycling practices at ISC:

  1. All Elementary and Secondary classrooms and offices will be getting two new garbage bins to separate trash. One green one for all recyclable materials except paper and one grey one for all non-recyclable materials.
  2. All teachers and staff will be required to separate paper to recycle. The Jr. Stuco and Elementary Ambassadors will pick up the recyclable paper and make sure that it is separated from all the other trash.
  3. Announcing new outdoor classroom in the nature center.