This school year (2016-2017), PTA launched the Buddy Family project, in which families from our community are assigned to help in facilitating the arrival of new families to ISC. The help can be in the form of a welcome email and being available to answer questions about our school or Curitiba. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends!

The program started with just 15 international families who joined our school this year, but we hope to expand it to all new families. If you would like to be a Buddy Family, please get in contact with our PTA ( Click here to read testimonials from two families that were connected by the project.

When the new Buddy Family Project was launched by PTA this school year, our family decided to be an active part of it.

We are Portuguese but we lived in South Africa, Mozambique, Brazil (São Paulo) and Portugal. We have experienced the challenge of moving and adapting to a new country, school, culture and language. It can be a tough process.

Our family had had the help from other families when we moved to São Paulo. It made a huge difference in our transition. By knowing the benefits of having a Buddy Family, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to help others to get settled.

The family we were assigned was the Lesignes; Franck, Clotilde, Celia and Clarisse. The Lesignes are French and they moved to Curitiba 2 years ago, however at that time the children went to the French School.

Our responsibility was not great….and each Buddy Family can do different things as they wish, however we just sent an e-mail when we were back from our vacation. This e-mail was a brief introduction of our family, and offering our help. The Lesignes replied immediately and we planned to meet at ISC.

We invited them to have lunch at our place. The adults spent a good time sharing experiences and talking about travelling while the children played together. My husband invited Franck to join the Squash Team. Now, when they have any questions about ISC or Curitiba, they know us and can ask for our help. It was a good start.

I think we were able to make their transition to ISC easier and it has been very enjoyable for us too.

Barbara Nabais

We are a French family living in Curitiba since August, 2014. In France, we lived in Annecy, a small and beautiful village near the Swiss Alps. We have three daughters and two of them are ISC students: Célia (8th grade) and Clarisse (5th).

The first contact with our Buddy Family was by email, the day before the first day of school. In this email, Bárbara introduced herself and invited us to a barbecue at her house. This email was a good surprise and we accepted the invitation with great pleasure. A good thing is that Francisca, Bárbara’s daughter, is Célia’s buddy at school.

Our main questions were about the school, since we had been living in Curitiba for two years. Our Buddy Family gave us several information about how the school works, where to buy uniforms, the PTA and even the kind of cake Clarisse could bring to school to celebrate her birthday with her classmates! Thanks to Bárbara, we had the opportunity to meet other families as she introduced us during the meetings held at school in August.

Having a Buddy Family was very important during the first weeks of school. It is very pleasant to know that we can be in contact with them in case we have any question. We will definitely be in touch and in the future, we will forget this expression “Buddy Family” and we will simply call them friends!

Clotilde Lesigne