During ISC Community Day, on Saturday September 17th, ISC’s new Community Garden was officially inaugurated. Organized by teachers Bertile Koehler and Tim Kenny, the new area is open to everyone in our community who would like to plant or harvest vegetables. This project is part of the Wildcat Wellness Program and will also be used by teachers in learning opportunities for students across all divisions.

“I believe that it is important for kids to understand how food is connected to their everyday lives. It is very important to know where food comes. The garden offers opportunities to integrate curriculum across all subject areas,” explains Tim Kenny.

community-garden-1Ms. Bertile, who every Tuesday, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, gives support to everyone who would like to use the garden, highlights the impact of this activity on daily life. “The Community Garden is a place to plant, harvest and strengthen the ties with nature. There’s nothing better than tasting something freshly harvested and even better, if it was planted and cared by us, even if it is just something to season pizza or an herb for tea,” she says.


The Project

Developed during the months of June and July 2016, the construction project of the Community Garden was in the hands of Andréa Szazi, landscaper and ISC mother for 12 years. “My eyes shined when I had the opportunity to take on this project. It was led with much responsibility because I am part of this ISC family. My children have studied here since they are little and for me it is extremely valuable to be able to contribute so everyone can enjoy this new area in the school,” she says.

community-garden-3Andréa explains that the garden was built with organic and sustainable materials that demand low maintenance. Therefore, she had the support of her partners Arte Eucalipto, who provided Eucalyptus logs; Dalcicos Carpintaria Especializada, who constructed the kiosk and the tools deposit; and the constructor Luiz Muraro.

For Andréa, the garden is something that separates ISC from other schools, because it is a way to invite the community to celebrate the nature in a cozy and beautiful place. “And it is also a way to raise awareness in our community for the importance of consuming organic, 100% natural, agro toxic free products,” she highlights.