As a way to celebrate their writing, grade 5 students invited their loved ones to a special event on Wednesday, September 14th, at the Wildcat Arena Lobby. To open the event, students Antonio Augusto Neto and Cesar Machado read their texts to an audience comprised of 5th grade parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.  Also present were ISC faculty and staff members. The audience was divided into small groups to listen to the other 5th grader sharing their writings.

Ms. Rebecca Williams and Ms. Cathy Boots, grade 5 teachers, explained the importance of this project:

“Here at ISC, we’ve been rolling out our new Writer’s Workshop program, Units of Study. A big part of this new program is the celebration culminating each writing unit. Our students work incredibly hard for weeks, planning, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing their pieces. We do all of this writing, not so we can hide it away, but so that we can share it with others! 

Our first unit in 5th grade, focused on writing narratives. We are asked to think of events in our lives that stand out to us, and to then narrow down those moments to only a few minutes of time. If that isn’t hard enough, we  then take those small moments and stretch them out, making them more detailed, and easier for our readers to jump into the shoes of our characters

On Wednesday, September 14, the parents and students of fifth grade gathered together in the Wildcat Arena to jump into our stories, to become our characters and experience their lives, first-hand. We had a fantastic celebration! Our students read their stories aloud, and then we celebrated by eating cupcakes and writing appreciations for all of our hard-working writers. A big thank you to all of our parents and our blossoming writers!

Rebecca Williams & Cathy Boots

5th Grade Teachers, ISC